eMobility Forum 2019: Are we ready for change?

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Are we ready for change? proEME had a significant contribution to a panel discussion on consumer behavior at the eMobility Forum in Budapest, Hungary.

In this session, three international speakers with various backgrounds shared their vision on the topic “Are we ready for change”. These were

  • Mr. Balázs Zuggo, Managing Director of Daikin Hungary
  • Thomas Reitsammer, Head of Sales & Marketing of Moon Allmobil in Austria
  • Thomas Troels-Smith, proEME partner from Copenhagen Electric

The panel discussion, moderated by proEME partner Steven Haveman from the University of Twente, gave the audience various insights on three core topics:

  • How do we envision the upcoming change in lifestyle for consumers?
  • What will the learning process for consumer be like and how can we support them?
  • What should be the next steps?

Mr. Zuggo gave insight in the transformation process in his company to a more sustainable way of operation, in which electric mobility played a key role. Mr. Reitsammer spoke about the need to educate consumers and the fact that Moon is establishing an electric mobility Experience Center where consumers and stakeholders can learn about all types of electric mobility. Mr. Troels-Smith highlighted that a great way to introduce consumers to electric mobility is through the use of shared mobility. This is something that can be done right now! In the end, it was highlighted that driving an EV is not simply changing your car but it involves changing one’s lifestyle and mindset, and this takes effort from all actors in the electric mobility system.