A new CCS Combo charging station with 400 kW of power (four stalls available) can deliver more than any production car can handle.

Repsol, the Spanish oil and gas company, is in a process of expanding its operation to EV charging infrastructure in Spain.

After the launch of its first ultra-fast charging station in April (700 kW of power shared between four charging stalls, up to 350 kW per single stall), in October Repsol raised the power output bar.

The recently launched second ultra-fast charging station (at Ugaldebieta, one of the busiest service stations in the country) is reportedly the most powerful in Europe (at least among public chargers for passenger cars).

It can deliver up to 400 kW of power using CCS Combo 2 connector (there is a total of four such stalls).! That is more than any series-produced car can handle today.

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Picture: Repsol | InsideEvs