Amsterdam / Netherland

You might not know the brand name yet, but you have probably noticed these quiet but quick electric microcars that slalom along cycle paths and park on the pavement. National legislation now provides more clarity about these new ‘emission-free microcars’. Biròs, Carvers and other brands of microcar must have a valid licence plate. They belong on the road with other motorised traffic and must use paid parking bays – parking on the pavement will no longer be allowed. To accommodate existing owners of microcars and to continue to encourage this type of quiet, clean vehicle, Amsterdam will launch the trial of a special parking permit on 1 July 2020.

Birò and Carver drivers with a licence plate can apply for a citywide parking permit for the next 2 years. This allows them to park anywhere in the city, as long as it within an official (car) parking bay. Drivers who continue to park their vehicle on the pavement risk a fine of €95.

No-emission microcars are welcome in the city

Amsterdam certainly does not want to discourage the use of electric carts or microcars. The Birò and Carver are attractive urban alternatives to traditional cars. They are environmentally friendly and take up relatively little space. This fits well with the City’s policy of making Amsterdam free of vehicle emissions by 2030.

Registration for disabled users is not compulsory

Those who drive a Birò or Carver because of a disability do not need a licence plate. However, the vehicle must be adapted to their needs and must have been inspected by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW).

Everything you need to know

  • Owners of emission-free microcars (Biròs, Carvers and other brands) can apply for a permit from 1 July via This will allow them to park throughout the city until 1 July 2022. It does not matter whether or not the person already holds a regular parking permit. If you became an owner of the microcar after 1 May 2020, you can apply for a maximum of 1 permit per address. Owners with a Birò or Carver before this date can obtain several temporary permits – this includes companies who own microcars for their employees.
  • The temporary permit will expire on 1 July 2022. The owner then has to choose between a permit for a car or for an emission-free microcar.
  • The cost of the city-wide permit will be half of what other permits cost for the entire city, such as those for shared cars. For 2020/21, this will be €224.75 per six months.
  • We will issue a maximum of 3,000 city-wide permits that will be valid until 1 July 2022. Each city-wide permit issued is subject to the fixed maximum number of ordinary parking permits in that permit area.