The main goal of proEME is to increase the uptake of e-mobility in Europe by building capacities, networks and tools to reach decision makers and contribute to positive investment decisions for EVs i.e. LEVs, e-busses, e-trucks and plugin cars. The approaches and decision support tools developed shall serve as blueprints for further development of the EV-market and expand the scientific findings of electric mobility.



proEME – Promoting Electric Mobility in Urban Europe

The Project

proEME supports the development of electric mobility in urban Europe. The objectives of the project are focused on creating the critical mass of electric mobility communities in order to analyse and accelerate electric vehicles (EV) markets in Europe. The project stimulates capacity building by activating those who make the decisions on mobility and transport related to EVs, to create multiplier effects and to reach out to mobility consumers, directly via an automobile club pilot and the internet. Through direct contact with stakeholders the authenticity of the analysis will be increased. In addition, proEME advances the understanding of decision making of mobility consumers, private and used car customers, fleet managers, manufacturers and authorities for green public procurement, and shows how new mobility trends can be used to deliver win-win-situations for electric mobility. Analysis, dissemination and exchange of results within the new established international network of stakeholders and policy makers will boost policy support and expand the scientific findings of electric mobility. 

The Methodology

The methodological approach of the project is the comprehensive analysis of the key areas of electric mobility in order to highlight the possibilities of integrating electric mobility in Europe which might accelerate market uptake. proEME is organized in a matrix of actions and applications. proEME follows four lines of actions:

Data and Policy Analysis: All activities in the project target the enhancement of baseline knowledge in order to support informed decisions and to ensure a full assessment for proEME tools. proEME provides summaries of cutting-edge knowledge of the EV landscape (policy and market).

Decision Support: proEME develops essential and new decision support tools and instruments for calculating/comparing of EVs’ purchase prices and the Total Cost of Ownership as well as business case potentials of companies and policies in order to support the deployment process and the upscaling of the EV-market.

Cooperating with practitioners: proEME holds workshops to analyse user cases, inform key market actors and build capacities to create multiplier effects. The project addresses cities & municipalities, dealers, leasing companies, manufacturers, fleet managers & operators (goods and public transport) as well as consumers via the members of automobile clubs. This allows extending the database for the calculation within the proEME tools.

Round Tables: proEME organises round tables to disseminate the scientific findings to foster national and regional policies and strategies for supporting electric mobility.

proEME covers four fields of applications: (1) New and second hand EVs, (2) LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles) and New Mobility, (3) E-Busses and (4) E-Logistics. The applications reflect the specific research topics in the focus of regional/national funding organisations. The collaboration To achieve the scientific objectives of the project, a strong European cooperation is necessary. proEME quick-starts with an already operational and experienced network of practitioners (EV-communities). proEME builds upon the achievements in EU projects like I-CVUE, EAFO portal, FREVUE, GREAT, ZeEUS as well as Task 27 “E-Logistic vehicles” and 33 “E-Busses” of the IEA HEV TCP. proEME will link to EUFAL which is another project related to electric mobility in commercial transport in the ERA-NET Call Electric Mobility Europe (EME) in order to create synergy effects. Links will be established to the project proEME, in order to further increase the understanding of decision making of fleet managers. Exchange of knowledge and experience as well as joint dissemination activities are planned. The project brings established collaborations with committed fleets, umbrella organisations, cities and municipalities. Furthermore, proEME provides decision support tools and technologies with proven concepts successfully applied in I-CVUE fleet mentoring. proEME will enhance and disseminate them in pilots on the EAFO- and RACC-portal.


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