Conference on e-mobility in urban freight and logistics

The Capital Region of Denmark, DTU and DLR are pleased to invite you to the conference on e-mobility in urban freight and logistics. We have invited local and international actors to join the movement of implementing electric mobility in commercial transport.

We welcome you to take part of an exciting program. The conference contains two sessions. The first part is a Plenary session, in which we have invited local and international actors to participate. The plenary session gives you the opportunity to hear real-life experiences of e-mobility implementations in commercial transport.
The second session is a Workshop targeted for the Danish actors. The workshop is arranged by the EU-projects EUFAL and proEME. In this session, the participants will address experiences and applications of electric vehicles in commercial transport and the need for information in decision-making processes. The outcome of the discussions will be used for a digital platform for knowledge exchange developed by EUFAL and a TCO-tool developed by proEME

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Read more about the EU projects: » EUFAL and » proEME

Location: MBK, Pilestraede 61, 1112 Copenhagen